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Ever since I saw my first “Name on Rice” necklace, I was hooked. I first received one as a gift from my best friend. The necklace consisted of a glass tube pendant hanging on a wax cord . When I looked into the glass tube pendant, I was amazed to find inside a grain of rice suspended in magnifying oil. Written on the grain of rice was my name on one side, and her name on the other side.

That was a couple of years ago. Now you can find “Name on Rice” necklaces on beautiful sterling silver chains with all kinds of accessories like real miniature roses, birthstones, various vial shapes, and colored oil just to name a few. Not only that, but “Name on Rice” necklace isn’t the only jewelry style available anymore. There are now “Name on Rice” earrings, “Name on Rice” bracelets, “Name on Rice” keychains, “Name on Rice” charm necklaces, “Name on Rice” charm bracelets, “Name on Rice” charms, and “Name on Rice” choker necklaces. Some of the more upscale “Name on Rice” web sites even have several different styles to choose from within each jewelry type.

I think “Name on Rice” jewelry is the most unique and wonderful gift one can give someone. What was once a hard-to-find gift that was only available for purchase through few street vendors can now be easily purchased over the Internet from one’s PC. By following some simple guidelines, one can easily distinguish the reputable online vendors and ensure that the “Name on Rice” jewelry they receive is an authentic and true expression of this amazing craft.

What is “Name on Rice” jewelry?

“Name on Rice” jewelry is jewelry that centers around the fascinating and amazing art of writing on rice. Writing on rice is an age old tradition which requires great skill and much practice to be done well. Using a fine writing instrument, the artist writes on a grain of rice. The grain of rice is then sealed in a glass vial within a magnifying solution. In additional to the grain of rice, other small mementos are often placed in the vial for decoration or personalization. Popular mementos include miniature flowers, baby teeth, ashes, and birthstones. The glass vial can then be used in the jewelry making process to produce beautiful “Name on Rice” necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keychains, etc. “Name on Rice” jewelry is believed to bring good luck and fortune to its recipients.

What makes “Name on Rice” jewelry so special?

Gift giving is an expression of appreciation, love, and genuine caring. Mass-produced gifts widely available in strip malls fail miserably in expressing these feelings to their recipients. Receiving gifts that so many others have also received certainly does not make the recipient feel that they are special or that much thought went into the selection of the gift. “Name on Rice” jewelry is the ideal gift because it can be uniquely personalized for its recipient with different colored roses, birthstones, and, of course, writing on rice. It exudes thoughtfulness, uniqueness, elegance and beauty. It’s no wonder many gift givers say that of all the gifts they have given, they have gotten the most compliments for their “Name on Rice” gifts.

What should I consider when buying “Name on Rice” jewelry on the Internet?

With all the “Name on Rice” web sites on the Internet, the task of distinguishing the good from the bad can be quite daunting For those looking to purchase that perfect “Name on Rice” gift on the Internet, below are some helpful tips. There are other things I looked for and mention in my detailed analysis of the various “Name on Rice” web sites, but these are the main criteria. I know this seems like a lot when you just want to order “Name on Rice” jewelry, but in the end you will be glad someone took the time to evaluate the many “Name on Rice” web sites, so that you don’t have to. We are all consumers, and we deserve to get the best for our money!

  • Rice WritingAnyone can write on rice but few can do it well. The quality of the rice writing is what makes or breaks a “Name on Rice” jewelry. Therefore, be sure to only buy from stores which proudly display samples of the rice writing on their final product.
  • Professional Service – Look for a store which has a professional web site. If a business takes pride in delivering quality then this pride will shine through in everything the business does, including its web site. When a business cannot afford a professional web site, it’s often an indication that bad business practices are keeping them from being profitable. Does the store make it easy for its customers to contact them? If you contact them with questions, do they respond in a timely manner? Does the store have a list of frequently asked questions to assist customers in their shopping experience?
  • Customer Feedback – Like all other lines of business, if a store makes great products and serves its customer well then it should be reflected in their customer feedback. Customer feedbacks can provide you with valuable insight into the product quality, order fulfillment timeliness, and level of customer service offered by a store. Look for satisfaction guarantees. If a store makes quality “Name on Rice” jewelry, they will have no problem standing behind their product.
  • Selection – Does the store offer a variety of styles of “Name on Rice” jewelry? Some stores carry only necklaces, while others carry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, etc. What types of components are used? For more special gifts, does the store offer sterling silver components or do they only offer low quality components, such as leather, plastic, silver-plated, and gold-plated? What are the selections of mementos to include in the “Name on Rice” jewelry? “Name on Rice” jewelry with just a grain of rice is too plain, so be sure to see if the store offers a wide selection of colored roses, birthstones, and other mementos to accompany the rice to add color and additional personalization and adornment to the jewelry.
  • Price – How is the store’s price copared to competitors? For accurate comparison, be sure to find out exactly what you are getting for the quoted price. Often times what appear to be great prices, turn out to be a low-end product with cheap components and no accessories.

Where can I get “Name on Rice” jewelry on the Internet?

When I first started looking online for “Name on Rice” jewelry I was astonished that the majority of the sites were totally obnoxious and not even close to being professional. If you’ve been searching online I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There are neon blinking logos, illegibly colored text, dancing pictures, and more broken links than you can imagine. The problem is, with so many people selling rice jewelry and so many horrible “Name on Rice” web sites, it’s hard to decide who is the best out there.

In my opinion, while there are many people writing on rice and selling “Name on Rice” jewelry, only a few do it well and are reputable stores. There are very few professional “Name on Rice” stores out there. I have made it my personal goal to help out my fellow “Name on Rice” loving peers and compile a comparison and analysis of a good majority of the “Name on Rice” web sites. Hopefully the information I have gathered will help many others out there find the perfect “Name on Rice” gift for the special people in their life! ( Rating: 10
Of all the “Name on Rice” jewelry web sites, is No. 1 on my list and far ahead of the rest of the pack. I really can’t say enough good things about this site. is a very professional web site. They have high quality pictures that show you exactly how nice your rice jewelry will look, and easy to follow links that make the site a breeze to navigate. Their rice writing is amazingly beautiful and elegant, not just readible. They are the only “Name on Rice” web site that offers necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all in sterling silver. (Their keychains are steel.) They also offer upgradable sterling silver necklaces and bracelets that are of much higher quality and contain more silver than any other “Name on Rice” site. In addition, they have products that are so unique, no other site offers them. For example, they have a tropical necklace section which carries necklaces in an array of shells with the option to add real shark teeth! They also offer beautiful and elegant capsule choker necklaces and capsule bracelet in a one-of-a-kind design that is not found on any other website. These products come with elegant Sterling Silver chains, for the same price that other companies charge for their standard bracelets made of wax cords. Their miniature rose selection is by far the best out there, with 9 different colors. One of my favorite options is the real Swarovski birthstone crystals. Once again, no other site offers those either. They also have really nice “Tell Me More” buttons where you can educate yourself on what the options are, and/or how to select your size. Which leads me to the very important factor of how easy it is to place your order. All of’s options are clickable as you go step by step through your order. You don’t have to remember any names or numbers and insert them as your selection later. This is a huge plus and major rarity among “Name on Rice” web sites. One more great thing is that they have a secure order/confirmation page. The only thing they don’t seem to have on the web site are the standard black cord necklaces and colored oil, but I called and asked if they would do that, and they said no problem. They will also draw pictures upon special request. However, the best part about is their prices. You would expect with such great quality that their prices would be pretty high, but they’re not! Their sterling silver necklaces start at the same price you pay for black cord necklaces at a lot of the other “Name on Rice” sites, just $12.99!After finding them, I have ordered several times and their customer service is just as good as their jewelry. I have made various special requests, and they are very willing to accommodate my wishes. Not to mention that they shipped it out the next day! ( Rating: 8.5
Global Gold & Silver is a great company with great customer service. I had my rice jewelry made here years ago, but I’m not sure if they still offer it. They have phone support and email you catalogs of what they carry, and then you let them know what type of customizations you want done. After that, you get a picture of the finished product before it gets sent out to you so you’re sure of what the finished product looks like.They’re based out of New York and have pretty good ratings online. Their main business is buying gold and jewelry from people, but carved a little niche in creating personalized rice jewelry. ( Rating: 6.5
Goodluckrice is one of the few sites that actually looks professional. Minus the spinning “Amazing” logo on their pages, the site is simple and pleasing to the eye. They also have fairly nice pictures where you can actually get a good idea of the product and the rice writing. They say on the home page that they only offer the necklace and keychain, but when you get to the order page they offer a bracelet and earrings. Unfortunately no where on the site do they have pictures or examples of the last two options. From my experience, never order any “Name on Rice” jewelry if you haven’t seen a picture first. However they do offer an upgradable sterling silver box and figaro chain to the necklace option. While the prices aren’t the best for the silver upgrade, they are reasonable. They also offer a rose option, but once again only in red. They have a nice selection of vials and beads, but like many others, their pictures of options are on separate pages than the order form. Although on the home page it mentions you can request special drawings on the rice, nowhere on the order form does it allow for comments or special requests. Once again I am concerned though, because they do not have a secure order form to enter your credit card information. If you are unaware of what this means, essentially you are sending out your billing information along with your credit card numbers across the internet unencrypted. A very scary thought. I do think the site is well done though, and the products are better quality than several others. For these reasons I would not completely rule them out.
Shirehill Creations ( Rating: 5
This site is connected to various shops on a joint web site called “”. The actual name of the “Name on Rice” vendor is Shirehill Creations. They are not however just a “Name on Rice” jewelry maker, they also sell herbal and other products. Websites like this always make me a little leary, but they do have some redeeming qualities. They offer several different cord/chain options including one sterling silver (although it doesn’t say what type of s.s. chain it is). One thing I’m not very fond of though, is they put the vial on the necklace with a jump ring, instead of the vial top being directly strung on the necklace. The other thing that I’m not very impressed with is their rice writing, even on the web site their examples are far from nice handwriting. However, they have nearly 40 vial styles to choose from and they also offer miniature roses, but only in two colors. Another nice feature is that for those people who can’t figure out what they want, they have the ‘Sweetheart’ rice necklace and the ‘Mother’s’ necklace which provide you with a standard gift where you just have to fill in the blanks. One of the major drawbacks of ordering from Shirehill is very similar to most “Name on Rice” web sites in that you have to look at the options on one page, remember the name and/or number, and then select that number on the order form. This can be a little confusing, and also lead to messed up orders if you’re not careful. Also on their web site, you have to set up an customer account before placing or viewing your order. One thing I thought was a very good idea is that they have a ‘live support’ button. In trying it out however, I found that the person answering didn’t really know about the product and in the end offered to send me a link to the owner’s email address. This is an ok “Name on Rice” web site, but with better choices out there, I wouldn’t really recommend it. ( Rating: 5
This web site is the home of the self proclaimed “Rice Lady”. For having the title you would think that rice writing is all this site is devoted to. On the contrary she also sells various other jewelry and beanie babies to name a few. The site is not what I would consider professional, but also not too difficult to figure out. Her only jewelry options are necklaces and keychains, and there are no upgradable chains either. Her prices are very reasonable at $9.99, but you have to consider that she only offers black cord with beads. One of the best aspects of Nameonrice are the pictures of the vial and bead choices. They are very clear and nicely done. Unfortunately some of her information is inaccurate. On the home page it says there are 16 vials, when in fact there are only 12. In addition, on the homepage it says she can write up to 12 letters on each side of rice, but on the order form it says only 10. I emailed her about her rice writing misprint and she said the actual number is 12 and she would fix the typo. Although she responded to me within 24 hours (a very good customer service plus), the web site typo has still not been corrected. Luckily unlike many others, she does have a secure order form page. I did however, have some problems connecting back to the homepage and other pages after going to the secure order form. Overall, I would only look into ordering from if you are soley interested in the most basic of “Name on Rice” jewelry. ( Rating: 4
Honestly, this is the type of web site that gives me a headache and I normally would not give them an indepth review except that they offer quite a few options. If you can manage to see past the multi-colored writing all over the examples and the not so great pictures to begin with, they have some nice creative designs. They offer necklaces, bracelets and key chains, with a good variety of vials and beads, but only one rose color in red.Unfortunately, if you like their sterling silver upgades its going to cost a minimum of $19.90. They also offer what they call “birthstone crystals”, however instead of being inserted into the glass vials, they are attached to the necklace chain. While innitially when you look at this site it seems to have potential, it quickly goes downhill. It is not easy to navigate through this site, and if you manage to find what you want, you then have to deal with the order form. Not only do you have to go back and forth to find the options and prices you want from other pages, they make you calculate how much each individual option is going to add up to (and if you’re not careful the price adds up to be much higher than you think). This is not only confusing, but totally unprofessional and not the consumers’ job. To make matters worse, you have to phone or fax your order in, there are no options of online payments. Besides the other “Name on Rice” web sites where you can’t even get to their order forms, this is probably the worst one I have seen. Although there are some nice options and creative bead designs, I would advise going to a more well put together “Name on Rice” web site. As I stated earlier, the overall presentation of a web site is a good indication of the overall appearance and quality of the product.

In the following table I tried to list the “Name on Rice” sites in the order that I felt was best to worst. I chose not to do an in-depth analysis for the web sites in the lower half of the table because I felt these “Name on Rice” web sites were substandard for one reason or another. These reasons include small product selection, large numbers of broken links on web site, nonfunctional web site, poor customer service, and poor product quality. For comparison purposes, the chart contains base prices for necklaces, key chains, and bracelets without any options. Also included in the chart, are some additional information regarding the product and service options offered by each store.

Website Necklace Key Chain Bracelet Earrings Sterling Silver Roses Birth-stones Beads Oil Color Shipping costs Product Guarantee Comments $12.99* $9.99 $17.99* $19.99* Additional upgrades: $2.99-$4.99 Red, Pink,� blue, yellow, blush, violet, , lavender, green, apricot Swarovski diamond cut In the vial Yes Available on special request $2.50 for first 3 items Yes The absolute best “Name on Rice” jewelry web site! 13.95** $11.95 $16.95** $19.95 Upgrade: of $9.00 Red only None Yes Six colors $2.00 per item None Overpriced, cheap components. $9.95*** $7.95 $12.95*** $14.95 Upgrades: $5.00, $7.00 Red only None Yes Seven colors $1.50 per item None No pictures for majority of products.
Shirehill Creations $9.95** $9.95 None None Upgrade: $5.00 Red, purple None Yes Eight colors $1.50 per item None Poor rice writing. Few product options. $9.99** $9.99 None None None None None Yes None $2.00 None Necklaces only. Cheap components. No roses! $9.95** $8.95 $10.95** None Upgrades: $9.95, $12.95 Red only Hearts attached to necklace chain Yes Eleven colors Free None Horrible web site. Phone/fax orders only! $9.95** $12.95 $9.95** None Upgrade: $10.00 Red, blue, orange, green None Yes Eight colors $3.85 None Web site frequently down. $9.99** $9.99 None None Upgrade: $3.00 Red, blue, yellow, purple None Yes Seven colors $2.00 per item None Horrible web site. Can’t order with both rice and rose. $12.99** None None None None None None Yes None $5.00 None Necklaces only. No roses. PayPal only. $15.00** None None None None Red only None Yes None Included None Cheap components. Necklaces only. Just a webpage. No online ordering. Phone orders only. $9.50** None None None None Miniature flower, not rose None Yes None $1.50 per item None Cheap components. Necklaces only. PayPal only. $10.00** None None None None None None Yes Seven colors Doesn�t say None Cheap components. Necklaces only. No online ordering. Phone and email orders only. No roses!
Poorlydrawnstick $12.99** None None None None None None Yes None Won’t say until after you order Yes Cheap components. Necklaces only. Limited product styles. No roses!. $14.95** Canadian $14.95 None None None None None Yes Yes Can�t load catalog None Cheap components. Necklaces only. No roses! $15.00** None None None None None None None None Doesn�t say None Cheap components. Necklaces only. Poor writing. No roses!

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